Show your Clients the
Impact of their Portfolio

Show the Impact

If you offer SRI, ESG, or Impact Investments to your clients, their money is making a significant impact around the globe. Do they know about the good they're doing?

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See how easy it is to offer customized monthly Impact Updates to your impact-oriented clients.

Engage your Clients

Our impact stories, pictures, and videos are customized to each of your clients' portfolios. This empowers you to have conversations that go beyond returns and performance.

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How can you make SRI, ESG, and Impact Investing more engaging for your clients?
Amazing stories, pictures, and videos for your clients.

Once a client invests in an SRI, ESG, or Impact Investment, how do they know what impact that investment is making both locally and globally?

Impact Trader offers montly "Impact Update" emails that will provide you with an automated way to keep your clients updated on the impact of their portfolio.

Their email will contain engaging and informative stories, pictures, and videos that have been created by the fund managers themselves to communicate the unique impact they're making.

  • Monthly Emails

    Your clients will receive a monthly email tailored to their portfolio.

  • Online Portal

    They can view all of their Impact Stories online via their customized portal.

  • Client Meetings

    Integrate "Impact Discussions" into your face-to-face client meetings.

  • Grow Your Firm

    Engage the Millennial Generation and position yourself for success.


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